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Eesh 05-25-2010 08:25 PM

OME Questions... (for a 2006)
I'm planning on 885's and the Dakar leaf pack with 275/65/18's... I have some questions. I'm not planning on doing any rock crawling or anything extreme maybe the odd drive into a field or something. I may have a full box every now and then.

1) Are aftermarket bumpstops (such as Timberpen or Wheelers) a must?
2) Are extended brake lines a must?

3) Where can I find the Wheelers discount code for TW members?

4) I ran into a post a while back.. I can't find it now but the guy had a bushing kit for our steering systems I assume it was for a second gen, but I can't find it on the wheelers website. Maybe it was for a first gen?? Does anyone know of this ? or what I'm talking about?

Brunes 05-25-2010 08:27 PM

1) No- They are just nice to haves. Altho they do mount in the u-bolts- so while you have everything opened up might as well if you have the $.
2) No- but you may stress the stock lines if you do go offroad. While you are under there it's a good time to swap them.
3) Not sure there is a "code"- Talk to them and they usually do good things for TW folks.
4) Not sure...

Eesh 05-27-2010 12:30 AM


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