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snowtacotrd 05-29-2010 09:02 PM

Rear TSB done but AAL put back in?
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Hi, First post by me and I need some input. I just had the rear leaf pack TSB done and the dealer put the AAL back in. After the TSB install the truck was sitting a couple of inch's lower in the rear than before I droped it off, so they said they ordered a part to make it right and would not charge me for it. The truck was at the dealer for 1 week and when I picked it up the AAL was back in. I read another post that said not to do this after the TSB is done and to use a block? The U bolts look new and maybe they had to order those to make it work or do they come with the new leafs? they also switched out the bump stops to new ones which TSB said no need to on 09 trucks. when i picked it up I asked for the Alignment print out and they said it did'nt need one. I told them BS and said it is part of the TSB. Now they want the Truck for another day when i pushed them on it! Any input? Thanks.

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