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bevans 06-28-2010 08:17 AM

tight steering with 5100's?
So I have my 5100's and I decided "IF" I put them on I would like to set them at 2.5" and get a 2" toytec AAL. I'm fine with having a stiffer ride, but will the truck drive the same? I've heard about issues with wandering at hwy speeds and issues with vibes. I love the way my truck drives right now. If I end having to get new UCA's would that make the truck maintain the "tight" steering? I just dont want sloppy steering or sloppy driving. I have to drive alot for work.

If I keep the 5100's I will be running 17" moto metal w/ 285's.....I have an 07 Prerunner btw.

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