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TacoDell 08-07-2011 08:52 PM

Holcomb Creek ~n~ John Bull trails of Big Bear, CA

video running 'da trail(s)

alternate... music toned down some...
so's ya can hear 'da bangin' n such ! ?


Holcomb Creek just recently reopened after some five years or so
was closed to the public due to the burn... if ya didn't know.

I was a little disappointed in the fact that...
what was... is no more...
most of my dismay stems from the re-grooming of Holcomb's rock garden(s)

ohhhh... I suppose in time... it'll get mo booger'd up... and be mo' fun ;)

Btw... this is probably my introduction 'round 'ere
as I've been purdy much a ghost/lurker at 'dis site, since joining

'least ya'll know what I do for fun... incase ya don't know me.

If U don't like me... that's ok too :D

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