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Security modification for Homelink mirror

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Security modification for Homelink mirror

I just modified my homelink mirror installation. I’m going to include some info about installing the mirror as well for completeness sake.

I installed my mirror right after I got my truck (5yr ago). Used PB’s write up on TN. http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=88851 The mirror is a Gentex 313. That write up and the installation inst from Gentex recommend an “always on” connection for the Homelink. I would prefer to be able to disable my homelink when my truck is in the driveway so someone who broke into my truck couldn’t easily access my home.

Remove the overhead console by taking out the single screw in the top of the sunglasses holder. Then pull down on the front of the console near the mirror. It should pop down easily. There are two clips that hold it in place. They are small and metal. Usually they stick to the console, but might come off so hunt them down if they do. Just unplug the two wire harness attachments to remove the console completely.

There are 3 wires from the mirror: Black (ground), Yellow (battery/always on), and Red (ignition).

This is what mine looks like wired in:

There are 2 harness plugs on the console. A big one and a small one. The small one has only two wires: white and white/blk. The Black mirror wire is tapped into the black/white wire and the Yellow mirror wire is tapped into the white wire on this plug. This yellow wire is power for the homelink.

The larger plug has two green wires. The lighter/slightly larger green wire is what was recommended to me to connect to the Red mirror wire. It should have power only when the key is on. I’m told the other green wire is the same so it may not matter. This red wire apparently is power for the auto dimming feature.

This means that even if your truck is in your driveway without a key in the ignition the autodimming mirror won't work, but the HL will open your garage door. That raises security issues. One way around that is to wire your HL mirror so that both power connections are only on when the key is on. I think that means both the yellow wire and the red wire should be connected to the larger green wire. I could have done that, but I wanted to put a switch in that would disable the HL if I left my truck in the driveway. Not as clean as changing the wire, but more fun.

Caribe Makaira gave me invaluable help to make sure I didn’t screw something up.

I used a 3M fuse tap to insert my switch into the ground wire from the mirror. I got the fuse tap here:


You cut the wire then put both ends in the tap and close it. The circuit is broken unless you insert a fuse. With a fuse in place the circuit is closed and the mirror works just like normal. I put male spade connectors on the leads to my switch and inserted them in the slots for the fuse and now the switch controls the power to the mirror. With the switch pressed the circuit is broken and neither the homelink nor the autodimming function work.

If I leave the truck in the driveway I can press the button and the HL won't work until I press it again.

This is the switch I used.


Flush mount. Worked great. The terminals don’t look like the web site said.

This is the back of the switch:

I’ve used this before and found that attaching my wires to the top and bottom of the group of 3 terminals on the side that are unlabeled gave me what I wanted. In the normal state (switch not depressed) the homelink is on. If you press the switch all power to the mirror is interrupted. I didn’t hook anything up for illumination of the switch.

I wanted this switch relatively hidden so if someone broke into my truck it wouldn’t be obvious how to turn this back on. I put it in the sunglasses holder.

From the drivers seat it is easily accessible, but very hard to see. If you’re in the passenger’s seat it’s easy enough to find if you look for it, but I think it blends in pretty well.

I highly recommend a drill bit like this:

Cost me $30 at home depot, but it is WAY better than anything else I’ve used. Last time I did this I scuffed things up a bit. This made a perfect hole.
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