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ohbrothers 03-29-2011 01:03 PM

05 Sport pops/slips out of gear?!?
(68K miles and a 3" lift w/o diff drop in case that matters...)

bigfro 04-06-2011 09:02 AM

Sounds like you are experiencing the start of the 6sp failure.

Here is how it will go. I know from experience.... My truck 05 and a buddies 05 had the exact same thing happen. Mine is in the shop now getting new trans....

78k now.

10k miles ago mine would start popping out of 1st gear and 4th gear when either starting or just cruising at 35mph (4th).

Before that time I had numerous attempts to repair the TOB squeak.

After time you will begin to experience grinding going into different gears (normally 3rd and 5th) because of the way the input/output shafts and syncro's line up.

Eventually this will bug you and you will go in to get it checked out to find out the following.

The syncro's will be wasted. (there are new synchros out from Toyota)
The input & output shaft will need to be replaced. (The input / output shafts are now updated parts from toyota)
Might as well do all the bearings since you are in there. ( have fun with this... Only toyota sells these)

A syncro kit + bearings will run you $1400
A rebuild is 12 hours from any shop (all data) so 80-100 hr puts you at apx 1000 in labor.

Toyota is on its second revision of the 6sp now. The first one was 07 the later one came sometime in 08/09 (still tracking this info down)

Mine is getting the newest tranny which has better syncro's and better input/output shafts...

Good luck, I only say this because you are going to need it.

I would have sold my truck before this (and in fact I tried). But now I can't due to how deep in I already am.

rawman2 04-26-2011 09:36 AM

So can they rebuild the tranny with the newest parts or do they need to replace the entire transmission. Mine has been out at 4500mi (replaced), 30k (rebuilt), 34.5k (clutch blew up) and its now grinding again between 3rd and 4th. Its going into the shop again tomorrow.

bigfro 04-26-2011 09:55 AM

Hey buddy!

Sorry to hear you are suffering too.

Yeah so here is what toyota did for me.

The way the syncro rings set in the gear sets would require both the input shaft + output shaft to be changed. Now the fun part. From what I understand the transmission company has stopped making the old parts.

I would fight for toyota to replace the trans. Mine again was at 78k. Toyota paid 1/2 of my trans and labor. The shop also cut down their labor rate to 80hr.

I ended up shelling out 2274 I think.

Good Luck.

Let me know if you need evidence.

ohbrothers 04-26-2011 01:27 PM

Have not had A SINGLE occurrence since the two(?) original times this happened. Awesome!

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