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NorCalTRD 04-01-2013 12:23 AM

Tapping wires instead of soldering for alarm install
I was at walmart and saw a pack of plastic tappers that let you tap into one wire and run another wire off of it very simply. Would it be recommended to avoid these for an alarm install?
I was just thinking DAMN that would really simplify the install. Instead of stripping, soldering, and wrapping/heat shrinking.

bellassaiw10 04-01-2013 10:05 AM

They would work but I'd recommend soldering and heat shrinking so no problems occur later on down the road

ABA180 04-01-2013 10:31 AM

Simplify the install, yes. Simplify things for the long haul, nope.

Think in particular that you aren't just wiring up a set of fog lights that you can live without short term. If the alarm malfunctions you won't be able to start your truck.

Even if it was all inside the truck I wouldn't use those vampire clips anyways, add to it that you're under the hood and will have some exposure to water..you'd be silly not to just solder and shrink it.

The cheap usually comes out expensive.

NorCalTRD 04-01-2013 12:02 PM

Cool, thats what I was thinking.

koco 05-01-2013 11:53 PM

Use shotchlok t taps, not the big blue ones that you find at walmart.

Justus 05-01-2013 11:59 PM

solder solder solder

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