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parfleet 05-04-2013 08:47 AM

Changing Door Weather Stripping
Has anyone out there ever changed with weather stripping for the driver's door front (the weather stripping on the cab opening and not the actual door) on a 2nd Generation Tacoma Crew Cab? I had this done a couple of years ago at the dealer. I guess I keep rubbing my butt against the weather stripping at the striker bolt level and thus the rubber tears. Anyway, I bought the weather stripping from the dear at $62 and now I'm ready to install. From what I can see, the driver's side kick panel has a bolt to remove up by the foot rest and then you just pull rearward on it. And there is the plastic plate that is at the bottom of the doorway that just pulls straight up. I guess here but the new weather stripping has "snap in" plastic pins as part the weatherstripping that should just snap it into place. Am I missing something here for those of you that have already gone through the process?

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