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Waikoloa Tacoma 05-09-2013 01:26 PM

2nd gen radiator removal w/ auto transmission
OK, need some help. Changing serpentine belt and water pump. Searched and found good docs in here for doing this. Thanks. :yay: But when it comes to removing the radiator with an auto trans there is almost nothing. I can see the lines to the top and bottom right of the radiator. I assume I need to disconnect them to get the radiator out.

My thought is to take off the top line from the radiator and plug it with a old spark plug and plug the radiator inlet as well. Then disconnect the bottom line from the hardline that comes through the front framework, leaving it on the radiator, and plug it as well. Then I should be able to lift out the radiator without the at fluid leaking too much.

Will I have to worry about air in the lines when I re-install? Is there a better way or a procedure out there. I searched google as well.

Thanks for any help.

Waikoloa Tacoma 05-09-2013 07:10 PM

Nevermind. I just capped off the top line and am doing the whole thing with the radiator in.

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