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TG8 11-17-2011 08:28 PM

About to start my mods on my truckk
okay so I'm ready to start my mods on my truck with having a full on ICON set up, Icon extended length CO's with resi's, Rear resi's with Dakar leaf packs and with tires I want to run 285/75/16R and rims 16x8 KMC enduro.

I know there is will be rubbing and i was wondering is there any good shops around Texas primarily South of Austin that will rim the truck or Chop cab mount i have a local shop but i dont know how well they are use to doing taco's

tx_shooter 11-18-2011 04:11 AM

Might have better luck putting this in the BS thread.

TG8 11-18-2011 05:13 PM

alright thanks

Muy Grande 12-07-2011 08:55 PM

Before you start chopping away make sure you have the right back spacing and clearance of the UCA. Chances are you will rubber on the front inner plastic piece and you can cut that yourself. I would drive around for little with the new tires so you can get your marks and go from there. It will sound terrible but it's not like you'll be driving like that for ever.

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