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wosneski 06-23-2008 12:09 PM

oil/trans cooler - where to mount temp gauges
Eventually I want to stretch the towing capacity of my '00 2rz-fe/2wd/RC/auto Tacoma from an estimated 2200# (couldn't find exact specs, but that's what an '08 150lbs-ft 2.3L/RC/auto/2wd Ford Ranger is spec'd for) to about 2600# (2100lb racecar + 500 lb tow dolly).

The goal is to use minimal but smart upgrades that keep costs down and MPG up.

Key in this plan is a dual fluid cooler like this Derale 13700 with its own electric fan
to cool the engine oil and trans.

What I am wondering is

(a) where should I plumb the trans temp gauge sender? Does this transmission have a handy "test port" on the trans to plumb one in (like the GM 4L60E)? Should I simply plumb it into the cooler input line?
(b) Should I consider an oil temp gauge and/or pressure gauge too? All this basic truck has is engine coolant, speedo, and fuel level.
(c) where should I mount these gauges? I tried www.pillarpod.com and www.summitracing.com for an A-pillar pod to no avail.
(d) where should I mount the cooler itself? In front of the radiator or elsewhere?

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