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IDtrucks 04-13-2011 02:59 PM

99 2wd 2.4l payload
I have a 99 2.4l 2wd and was wondering what type of real world towing people have done with these???

My application:
The bumper ball says 350 tounge weight and 3500 trailer weight but i dont think the engine would appreshiate that too much. The most towing i could imaging doing would be small trailers, i hardly ever have needed to tow anything. Mostly light metal flat trailers for a few dirtbikes if im bringing another friend. Im getting monroe airshocks to help with the suspension since im lowered a little bit. The air shocks say they can increase payload by 1200 lbs, so that would easily cover the added tounge weight.

IDtrucks 04-14-2011 03:12 PM


Originally Posted by dhk (Post 3029496)
You can haul what its rated for, and probably more. Engines *like* to work hard, its what they're made for, don't wuss out.

thanks for the reply:D I wasnt asking how to tow a trailer as much as i was asking what my specific truck could realisticly handle. I couldnt imagine how slow it would be with a 3500 lb trailer behind my 2.4 though, especially running around through the mountains.

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