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scottg918514 04-02-2013 05:42 PM

Camping Trailer
$$$ Yes!, but awesome nonetheless.

Wish I had some $$ burning a hole in my pocket.

http://www.sylvansport.com :eek::eek:

GaryB 04-13-2013 08:43 PM

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We recently bought a 19ft Winnebago Minnie to tow to the Yukon this fall behind our new Tacoma double cab. Not cheap but sweet - queen bed, full fridge and freezer, 3 burner stove and oven (we are foodies and expect to be gone 5 weeks, probably picking wild berries too), toilet (we are 65) shower, Awning, TV and aircon (prob won't use). 3300 lb dry, so we are well under the 6500lb towing capacity of the Yota.

Haven't even taken delivery yet, but we can't wait!

Only problem is that we just realized that with a 240lb canopy, 400 lbs of us, 400 lbs trailer wt on the hitch, we have no cargo capacity left in the truck! Guess we will carry everything in the trailer...there is lots of room.

stevei54 10-01-2013 05:36 AM

Winnebago Minnie 1801FB Towing
How was the experience towing the Minnie with your Tacoma?

Wondered if you felt the Tacoma had enough power to handle the camper comfortably?

GaryB 10-03-2013 09:58 PM

We really like the Tacoma (4x4 double cab, automatic, tow package) but I find it a bit underpowered for the 18' Minnie (3500lbs dry). It will cruise along just fine at 80 kph or even 100kph as long as it is flat, but up hills it really starts to work. On a long hill, I am down to 60kph or have to have the rpms at 3000 or above. I was using 87 octane fuel and have a heavy equalizer hitch.

We didn't make it to Yukon because of family crises, and ended up pulling with the truck and the trailer loaded down with extra non-camping things. We were probably overloading the truck.

I used 13 L/100km (18.1 mi/US gal) with the truck by itself (plus canopy); with the trailer and empty truck, no canopy I used 17.2L/100km (13.7 mi/US gal); with the trailer and truck loaded with ~400lbs each we were up to 19.6 L/100km (12 mi/US gal).

We will lighten our load, use higher octane fuel. I may remove the air-con and TV for example, since we are not interested in those things where we will travel. Any other suggestions would be welcome.


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