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foxtrapper 10-19-2009 12:28 PM

Brake controller ?
Howdy Gents just got my first Tacoma, a 2009 DC sport pkg with towing pkg. I read a few of the other threads on the elec brake controller butttt I still have a few questions. I have a Activator II controller off of my old ride. It's less then a year old, can I use it on my Tacoma? What is required to make this baby work? I see on a sticky that it is plug and play, is this right? I have a couple of plug harnesses in pkg that came with the truck in the glove compartment. Are they used for this application ? When the controller was installed on my 1995 chevy the tech went under the dash and wired it in in a few minutes Is it the same for the 09 tacoma using the supplied plugs.All the confusion stems from my conversation with my Toyota dealer who said it's a big job and I would be better off going to a trailer shop for the install. He did not want to do it! I posted the same ? in the tech forum before I noticed there was a towing forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

MudDog 10-22-2009 09:00 AM

I just bought a new 2010 Dbl Cab w/Tow Package and moved our Tekonosha Prodigy Controller from our van to the Tacoma.

They sell pre-made vehicle specific harnesses for the Prodigy, but I used the harness that was in the glove box and matched the wires to the Prodigy.

If you have the wiring diagram for your controller, it should be pretty easy to splice the wires and install it. (The Prodigy only uses 4 wires - hot fused, ground, stop lamp signal and brake controller output). The harness in the glove-box has the wiring diagram for the Tacoma side.

I mounted mine right below the fuse access door. The glove-box harness plugs into it's matching connector down under the dash by the parking brake. It took a couple of minutes to find it....it was behind another wire bundle.

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