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4banger5spd 04-07-2013 06:23 AM

What's the difference
I drive the 2.7l 5 sod manual right now.
But I'm wondering how much difference is there in gas mileage between the 2 trucks.

The 2.7 vs the v6

Large 04-07-2013 06:25 AM

Depends on whether you keep them stock or not.

Stock 4banger vs stock v6, probably 8 mpg difference.

4banger5spd 04-07-2013 07:12 AM

Yes all stock

Large 04-07-2013 07:22 AM

Real world mpgs for the 1GR are around 18 mpg, I'd say 22-24 ish for a stock 4 banger

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