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1999tacotrd 07-21-2009 11:50 PM

88 yota overheated on me blew head gasket
My 88 yota overheated on me cause i dont have a temp guage that works and did'nt know it was getting hot :( When i trun the motor the compression gose into the radiator cause you can here it bubbleing so that means it needs a new head gasket and maybe another head but do u guys think it needs another motor? cause its reading 60 psi on the comp test but thats also with the comp excapeing through the water jackets so i dont think the pistion or rings where trash so should i just replace the head and gasket or get a hole nother motor cause i found a complete motor for $400

pb4ugotobed 08-16-2009 09:51 AM

Is it a 3 liter, or a 22r?

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