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hakan 01-25-2011 07:39 PM

OEM lift kit questions
I just bought an Ome coil overs with 883 springs and full dacar 7 leaf spring pact.
my front sit about 1.25'' higher than rear which I think will settle more given time, but the rear springs
left side is way higher than right side I only have a camper shell and it seems like I have a negative arch already in the top spring.

does anyone alse running this set up
\I have a 2002 toyota Tacoma 4x4 trd offroad

is your vehicle level?
do you have an issue with negative arch with your leafs? does anyone have pictures of there springs with a camper shell on?

I contacted toy tect and they said to give a little bit more time but the person i spoke to didn't make me feel like he had the answers.
I hope to hear from you guys.

Also the vibrations everyone talks about it that a faint vibration or a very bad one anyone?
P.S i had the kit installed by a custom fabrication shop which does SAS convertions and super custom lift kits.

ToyTec Lifts 01-26-2011 09:50 AM

PM replied


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