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Quark 11-15-2011 12:35 AM

Issues/Limitations of Toytec Ultimate Lift Kit
Hey Guys,

I had a question about this product. I purchased it used from another user and installed the front coilover's this past weekend. I ran across some issues and not sure if it was normal, or just the limitations of the Coilovers. I'm pretty good mechanically inclined but couldn't figure out why I came across this issues on my 2005 Access Cab Pre-runner. So here are the outline of events that I did.

Removed swaybar.
Removed lower shock bolt.
Removed lower ball joint.
Removed upper shock mount and removed shock assembly.
Installed Toytec front Coilover setup. (coils came preloaded, supposedly at 3"
here is where I ran across some issues, I could not pull down the UCA far enough to get the lower ball joint bolts back on. The UCA was just barely hitting the coils. Eventually, I was able to push the UCA down enough and put upward pressure on the LCA and get it all back together.

I put the truck back down and it measured at 3.25" of lift, and the UCA was still hitting the coils. Drove it up and down the driveway to "settle things" and still it was hitting the coils, truck basically felt like the front was not compressing at all as the UCA wasn't able to rise due to it being under a coil.

Took it all apart and adjusted the lock rings to the lowest setting. Figure I start from the bottom up, since I don't know what the factory setting is. Then another issue. At the lowest setting, the swaybar rubs the upper lock ring when the truck was on the ground. Even with the swaybar perfectly centered and the relocation kit installed, I could not clear the lock rings.

So I then raised the upper lock ring 3/4", did a basic alignment so that the truck is driveable, and tested. It seems fine but all I got was about a total of about 1.25" of height.

3 questions I have:

1. Is this coilover not designed to be set at its lowest height setting? ( the only way I see for this to work, is to move the entire coilover sleeve to the upper settings of the Bilstein 5100's, but at the lowest settings it will already give a lift as the springs will be compressed further.

2. Everyone says that a 3" lift or below, you do not need UCA's. I don't see how this is possible with the Coilovers as the stock UCA's will certainly hit the coils, this problem is accentuated when the camber is adjusted using the stock hardware, in order to bring the camber back close to 0 degree's, the LCA will move away from the vehicle, causing the lower shock mount to move outwards as well, and thus bringing the coils even closer to the UCA. Seems that the only option is to get after market UCA's if I want 3" of lift?

3. With my current setup and alignment, the UCA's clear the coils, and I have no problems other than not enough height. The problem that does occur, is at full wheel drop, say its hanging in the air, the coils do come in contact with the UCA's, do I still need new UCA's?

I really like this product because it offers adjustments, but because of the larger size of the coils, I'm running into these issues. Seems like aftermarket UCA's will address these issues, but I'm not sure I'm supposed to have them in the first place. I guess if someone can chime in, or let me know what the default settings of the lock rings are, I can go from there.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I didn't know how else to explain. Thanks.

ToyTec Lifts 11-15-2011 09:42 AM


I haven't heard of anyone having these issues with the coilovers before. Give me a call at the office and we will get it figured out.

Also, here is a link to the install instructions if you want to double check your steps


Our number is 303.255.4959 and i am extension 102


07NavyTaco 11-15-2011 10:00 AM

toytec is on top of things. :thumbsup: very nice!

Quark 11-15-2011 03:38 PM

Hey, thanks. I'll give you guys a call. I was thinking about it and reason could be that this setup is longer by a an inch or two than stock, giving the extra wheel drop, causing the UCA to hit the coils. Thanks.

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