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TacomaRockStar 06-05-2012 06:44 PM

Bilstein kit differences
Hi I'm pretty much new to all these modification but plan on doing a 3" lift. What is the difference between the 3 Bilstein packages on the website? 2011 Tacoma TRD. Also what would be the best package, not looking for much off roading but some.

Thank you

ToyTec Lifts 06-08-2012 03:24 PM


The main differences come down to adjustablilty and the assembly of the coilovers

The BK0510 kit for $629 uses the 5100's and the ToyTec/Eibach coils along with the rear AAL's and a diff drop

The TTHA-CK kit for $899 comes assembled with the ToyTec aluminium top mounts, axle shims, and U bolts.

The Ultimate kit is similar to the TTHA-CK but the front coilovers are a threaded body style coilover so it give you the abilty to fine tune you lift height and adjust for extra weight

Let me know if you have any other questions about any of our kits

Gotcha88 07-17-2012 10:50 PM

What's the advantage of the coilovers vs the BK0510?

Gotcha88 07-28-2012 02:58 PM


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