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trailotter 07-03-2012 11:26 PM

Offroading, adding weight, but don't want much lift...
I have a new 2012 Tacoma DCSB Sport that I'm in the process of outfitting for my basic needs. I don't do any hardcore wheeling (no locking diff), but I will be getting offroad, class 3 or 4 trails. I do tow stuff occasionally.

I don't want much lift, maybe an inch. I'm still running 30.6" tires (new 265x70x16 Michelins, so they'll be on there awhile). The sport is a tad "mushy" I think for offroad. My main concern is that I'm adding weight:

Undercover mount - 38 lbs
Warn VR8000-s - 62 lbs
Front skid - 50 lbs
Transfercase skid - 28 lbs
Transmission skid - 10 lbs
Sliders - 120 lbs

I figure most of that weight will be over front axle, about 250 lbs or so. I was looking at getting bilstein 5100's all around, but am guessing that the stock coils will not be up to the task. Am I right?

With 5100's all around, what coils would you recommend in my situation? (If stock isn't appropriate) Is there a specific kit you'd steer me to?

OZ-T 07-03-2012 11:28 PM

I would suggest Eibach coils for the front , they are a 600 lb spring rate IIRC , and will provide 1.6" of lift with the billies at zero

The billies could be set at .85 if you need more lift

JLee 07-03-2012 11:32 PM

^X2 and those are some beefy sliders at 120lbs

trailotter 07-05-2012 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by JLee (Post 5332610)
^X2 and those are some beefy sliders at 120lbs

Yeah, these: https://www.allprooffroad.com/05taco...omarocksliders

I've been reading a lot since I'm a noob and I know I can't be the first in this situation, but most folks go for a higher lift. I'm armoring since I do want to offroad, but want the stock height (plus maybe 1" in front), since 95% of my driving is commuting. Since ground clearance is achieved by larger tires and I'm not doing that, makes no sense to jack my taco. Around these parts I see lots of sky high trucks w/o skids, sliders, or winches, so for show only.

Should I forget about the 5100's and just go straight OME? I'm looking for the best ride with the least amount of compromise (as in reduction of travel).

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