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ToyTec Lifts 09-20-2012 12:43 PM

Our ToyTec/Bilstein kit is on sale!

Due to problems with our website we will be extending the sale through this week starting 9/24. check out our website for more details.



Reg Price $889.99

Complete 3" lift kit for 2007 & UP FJ Cruiser and 2003 & UP 4Runner with Bilstein 5100 Height Adjustable front shocks


Front Lift:

Fully assembled front coil over using Toytec aluminum top mounts and urethane bushings:
- Bilstein 5100 height adjustable front shocks
- Toytec/Eibach 112620 front lift coils

Preset at 3" front Lift and able to carry extra front weight.

Rear Lift:

- Choice of 1.5in TSB AAL
- 2in AAL
- 1.5in Block Kit
- Or Dakar Leaf packs ***COSTS EXTRA***

- Extended length Bilstein 5100 rear nitrogen gas shocks for optimum performance on and off road

- Extended length U-Bolts

- Rear axle degree shims for proper pinion angle

- Toytec Lifts Front Diff Drop Kit

TRD6Speed 09-20-2012 01:12 PM

If someone buys the 1.5" block and had the NON-TSB leaf pack can they still use the extended length rear 5100s?

The extended length shocks are meant for 2"-4" of rear lift. So I wonder if someone that gets the blocks with the non TSB would also need larger bumps to be the limiting factor.

Can someone from Toytec clear this up?

ToyTec Lifts 09-24-2012 09:24 AM

Sorry if anyone has had any issues with our website we have been doing some maintenance and our sales have been mixed up, as a result we are extending this sale through the end of the week starting today 9/24

with the c-476 rear shocks the same ones that come in the kit from above, no other modifications would need to be done. here is the link to those shocks.


As for the F4-BE5-B110-T5 those require modification with the lift you are talking about
here is the link for those.


slodc4 09-24-2012 10:41 AM

Just ordered my set! Cant wait to get them on! Thanks

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