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sch0enne 02-13-2013 03:50 PM

Thank you Toytec. Great customer service

I recently ordered Toltec Coilovers for my first gen. I originally talked toa girl names Trish this Monday and when I ordered I told her I neededguaranteed delivery this coming Friday. I was worried that I did not havenotice that my Item was shipped today and because I needed it on Friday Icalled in. (I paid extra for the 3 day delivery)

When I phoned in I let them know that when I placed my order on Monday Isaid that the item had to be delivered before the date I had mentioned becauseI had to go across the border. After she put me on hold she came back on sayingshe had talked to the manager and they would ship the package out today andthey would cover the cost of the 2-day guaranteed delivery.

I guess my point is that there was a bit of a mix-up but Toytec fixed itright away and handled it very professionally.

Thanks Toytec!

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