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zuckdan 06-14-2012 06:51 PM

Looking for BC and Alberta info
Hey Now,

Heading up north for a Canadian road trip this summer and looking for a bit of info. My route will be heading cross the boarder near Osoyoos, up through Kamloops, on to Jasper, Banff and return to the US near Fernie. Looking to split my time one third- car-camping, one third- backcountry camping and one third hotel/motel/cabin. Traveling with my dog. Here's what I was wondering:

-is there anywhere amazing I can take my dog backpacking for a 2-3night trip? It seems like it is not really an option to backpack overnight in the Parks with your dog(same deal down here in the national parks).

-anyone know of incredible-off the beaten path- spots that I should be sure not to miss?

-thoughts on what I should count on for gas prices in this area of Canada?

Yes, I will be taking the truck on this trip and leaving my 4cyl sipper at home.

Thanks for any beta that comes my way.

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