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BRYLONATOR 09-13-2012 12:30 AM

upgraded HU to Entune with Navi non-JBL
So this is not a straight forward plug and play to some extent. First thing is that you need to have the vin number to the vehicle that the radio was pulled from or you won't be able to access the entune apps. Second thing is that connectors for the usb aux port are different not only on the back of the unit but in the harness as well! I managed to get the original harness when I purchased my HU but at the moment am only able to get the USB port to work. Not horrible to be honest as I only use the iphone or flash drive and worst case scenario is just to stream the music via bluetooth! I will say the HD radio is pretty damn awesome but what most people do not know is that you lose SAT radio with this HU. The Navi is ok but I really wanted this for the back up cam. Here is a pic....


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