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SalmoJarred 10-24-2012 08:55 PM

06 Tundra Suspension Upgrade Need Help
Hello everyone, this is my first post on this site and I figured this would be the best place to try and get the answers that I am looking for.
I have read some other posts and got a bit of information but not quite what I am looking for.
I just bought a 06 Tundra Access Cab Yamaha Edition about 2 months ago with no current upgrades. I live in British Columbia Canada in the Kootenays where we have lots of mountains and rough terrain. I will be using the truck for hunting and moderate offroading. I at first thought of just putting a leveling kit in the truck before going on a good trail ride and realized I would like to get better performance out of the truck offroad.
I spent some time researching online and found a site called offroadwarehouse, they offer a fox coilover kit with uca and rear shocks with remote resi's http://www.offroadwarehouse.com/prod...roductID/50897 . I also looked to see what Camburg and King offered for my truck to just bolt on and fox seems to offer the best choice. The fox's were the only ones I could find for my truck to directly bolt on with remote resi's. The kings only gave me 2 inches of leveling in the front and do not require uca's. The camburgs i found give me 3 inches of adjustment, require uca's but do not have remote resi's and the site gives me the option to purchase a few different rear shocks.
So my questions to you guys is:
1) Will this kit make much of a difference
2) Do i need remote resi's for what im doing
4) Does anyone have experience with this stuff and can they tell me a thing or two about it.

Im new to all this stuff and need help to fiqure out where to spend my hard earned coin and get a nice ride out of my truck.

Thanks guys

M C M 11-03-2012 08:20 PM

Any of the bolt in coilovers should have an upper arm if you want it to have any caster at ride height. ADS shocks offer a bolt in coilover with remote resi as well. It's who I use to go with my upper arms.

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