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Death_Stalker 01-11-2013 02:28 PM

ok so i need help. so recently i blew the engine of my Tundra 4.7 litre. Dealer said it would be cheaper to replace the Engine rather than rebuilding it. So after looking a lot i finally found an engine for 3k with installation with 40 k miles on it and 1 yr warranty from the shop. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on it. Now today when he got to switcing the engine, turns out that engine is not the one that fits my truck. Apperntly they are both 4.7 but one is aluminum and one is cast or something. Now the guy says in the same ammount of money he can rebuild my engine since its not that badly damaged and he will give me the same warranty on it. I tried looking for the engine and i cant find it anywhere. im not sure what to do . What do you guys think ?

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