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Hello, I just wanted to post up a review of

I know, I know, you have heard a bunch of terrible stories about them. And so have I. But let me tell you about mine, if you'll listen.

1) I'm a cheap bastard.
2) I live in Orange County, which happens to be 20 minutes away from their warehouse in Cerritos, California.

Was deciding on some tires, and after some praise I read about both here on TW and elsewhere, decided to go with Hankook ATM RF10 in P265/75/16 for my new Enduros that only took 6 months to get here. Anyway, I found Onlinetires to have a really great price on them, and since I was local I could save even more money by doing a will call (pickup at the warehouse). The price I paid I'm very, very happy with.

Anyway, I was a little skeptical about their service, etc after reading some awful reviews. Consensus seems that you should CALL your order in and talk to a live body, and make sure the tire you want is in stock. So I did just that. Called in the morning, talked to a guy there. Not the most customer service oriented person, but verified he had my tires in stock (in Corona, California about 45 minutes away), the cut-off for delivery from Corona to Cerritos is 1030AM. I called at 9am so I easily made the cutoff.

Person on the phone told me they should be available to pick up at 230, and that they would call me when they were ready.

3pm rolls around, no phone call. So I call their 877 number, punch in the extension I was given, and low and behold it goes to voicemail. Whats even better is that it is someone else's voicemail, not the guy I spoke to earlier. Anyway, I hang up, call back, and ask to talk to someone in tracking/order status. Another guy answers the phone with a ton of attitude, but I manage to confirm my tires are there.

So, about 415pm I pull up to a MASSIVE warehouse. Literally thousands of tires on racks. The place reaks of rubber! It has dock level doors and everything, this is a legit shipping warehouse. It is a definite wholesale/distributor type setup. A sign directs me to the "" will call at the back of the building. I walk in, and there is literallly 8 dudes sitting at computers answering phones. I give them my name etc, a guy pulls the PO/invoice, checks my driver license, I sign my invoice, and I walk 20 feet down to the actual will-call door. From there, guy asks me to pull my truck up to a loading dock door. I wait less than 5 minutes and a guy shows up with my tires, I verify they are what I want/paid for, he loads them into my truck, and I'm on my way, pretty happy at the experience and very happy with pricing.

My thoughts:

1) Customer service is pretty lacking. These guys are not professional service reps, they are just tire enthusiasts/employees/warehouse guys.

2) CALL, don't order online. I can tell by looking at their ops their backend website cart/inventory management is not as sophisticated as you want to believe.

3) PICKUP your tires if you are local. For shits and giggles I asked for shipping, and the costs are just plain astronomical. But hey, you're shipping big heavy tires, so what can you expect.

4) Know what you want before calling. Again, based on my physical observations, I'm not sure I would be asking these guys which are the best tires they would recommend for taking on that particular trail by your house.

5) You will save money. I tried to get americas tire/discount tire to pricematch, and I got a douchey "no way man, show me a real place to buy tires and I'll think about it" response from my local store. If you can get them to match, it would be a helluva deal for you. But in my case, they wouldn't do it, and yes, the douchey response from AT/DT guy on the phone REALLY pissed me off.

6) Don't expect awesome service. You are literally going to a warehouse and picking up tires. There is no "sales rep" here.

Overall, I would recommend going here if you are local, know what you want, and don't care about getting the sweetest customer service out there. But at least feel warm n fuzzy knowing you got a solid pricepoint for your new shoes.

Sorry if this is rambling. LOL

And here's pics of my tires, gonna be mounted soon!

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