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bonsai3s 02-23-2011 02:57 PM

Anyone purchased anything from CARiD?
Our recent experience with CARiD was horrible. We ordered a dash kit for our Tacoma. CARiD sent me an email stating they are placing our order on "hold" and will not process our order because our PayPal account is "unverified". I told CARiD that PayPal already debited my account. CARiD wanted copies of my credit card (front and back) and a valid government issued photo ID to process our order. (If I'm going to provided all that personal information, I might as well just pay for it with my credit card.) CARiD assured me that they will contact PayPal and refund the money. To expedite and get our order processed, I gave them my Visa number and re-ordered the dash kit. So now I'm waiting for my refund from the first order, and waiting for our dash kit to be shipped. Yesterday, I get another email from CARiD saying our second order is again being placed on "HOLD". It was absolutely bizarre! I called and emailed CARiD and informed them that 1. PayPal paid you the first time. 2. The first payment hasn't been refunded. 3. I again paid for the second order with my Visa. 4. My Visa was already debited the second time. 5. I'm out ($226.20 x 2) $452.40! 6. It was again placed on hold. Just simply bizarre. I would never order from CARiD again. :eek:

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