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oliverlove 06-12-2012 09:43 PM

Sierra Expeditions, Excellent vendor!
Currently I am just a few miles down the street from the new location for Sierra Expeditions, and all I can say is 'WOW.'

Let me preface this with the footnote that over the last few months Will has received countless phone calls from me, prob. to the point of harassment as I installed my ARB bumper.

I decided to follow a thread and install a dual battery setup on the cheep. I also remote mounted my solenoid box for the smittybuilt at the same time. Something went wrong, and so on my trip from Texas to California I decided to drop in on Sierra Expeditions.

First they worked around my schedule as I was driving so far, second they listened to what I had done on my own and checked it all, quite a bit of what I had done was wrong, and as they fixed it they explained my mistakes.

Then to truly top the whole experience off, my wife hung out in the reception area as I bothered the techs, and Will the owner of Sierra Expeditions answered all types of questions from her, and they had a great conversation while mooching free WiFi.

This is how small businesses should treat all their customers. As a vendor and an installer I would try to model myself after this blooming company.

Support a terrific vendor, and buy through Sierra Expeditions!

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