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evanmb31 10-11-2012 08:49 PM

DSM great customer service!
So i feel like i should make it known how happy i am that i ordered my lift through downsouth motorsports. I ordered the OME complete set-885x, nitrochargers front and rear and dakars. Their price seems higher than some other sites but when you factor in the shipping they were the best price for me being on the east coast.
Sonny called me when my order was shipped and they got it out fast, only a few days after i ordered. here is the twist, The shipping company really banged up the pallet, it looked like the forklift operator sent a fork right through the packaging. The shocks were all scraped up and paint was chipped and scrathed on everyshock. I figured i could just touch up the paint to prevent any rust. I decided to take a picture and email it to DSM just to let them know. Sonny called me 20 minutes later and told me he would pay for shipping if i wanted to send the shocks back and replace them with new ones. I didnt even ask to replace the shocks. So now i am waiting to recieve a shipping label and i will send the shocks back and get new ones.
So if anyone is trying to decide which vendor to order from i highly recomend DSM.

ffemt2987 10-11-2012 08:57 PM

I almost started a thread on this myself. I shipped some Icons in for a rebuild and got a call from Sonny. They were able to replace parts and do the rebuild AND ship for cheaper than the cost of just the rebuild through Icon. Very happy with DSM.

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