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FEARFACT 01-02-2013 12:26 PM

hello everyone. first i would like to state this is my first ever actual vendor review and no i do not have anything to do with the headstrong guys except for being a very satisfied customer.
i was directed to check out the offerings from headstrong from a thread/pm on TacomaWorld in December. i looked at their site and was actually disappointed because there is very limited inventory on there to search. that's my suggestion for them, it seems to be a fairly new business but i do hope they are able to quickly build up their site to show more of their offerings, if i were a casual browser i wouldn't have bother and would have written them off quickly. i did send an email inquiry as to what i needed to see if it was available, a set of light racing UCAs for a 1st gen Tacoma. i email them on 19 December after their normal working hours (they're in Ca and i'm in NC). checked my email at 5 the next morning and had a respose that they would contact LR and get me a price, which i had at about lunch time. they beat any price i had seen on the net substantially, to include beating the private pricing i had received from several "big vendors" even with their military discounts and headstrong did free shipping.the lowest i was able to find these for was about 400+ shipping from other vendors after the discounts, headstrong managed to these to me for much less, shipped! i will let those that are interested contact them for exact pricing as i do not really know what is/is not acceptable/fair in this situation. i received these on Friday the 28th, so it took one week from placing the order to receiving even over the Christmas holiday. LR did make a mistake in their direct shipping and sent me 2 identical sets on the same order number. i called headstrong immediately to rectify and left a message, again after working hours, but again had a response the next morning.
the prompt and personal service has earned them the top seat spot in my book to touch base with for my next purchase(s). i highly recommend you give them a shout for a price on your next project

TeamSarcasm 01-02-2013 12:30 PM

Sounds like some great costumer service! :thumbsup:

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