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Brentmeister 03-19-2013 09:04 PM

trdparts4u.com and toyotaofdallas.com
So this is a good and bad review...

First the good; trdparts4u.com has some great prices of official toyota parts and accessories. The prices are roughly 20% less than what I get at the dealership where my buddy is the GM. They are located here in Dallas (West Side) based at a dealership. When I have a few things on my shopping list and happen to be in the area, I will swing by and pick up the items to save on shipping. It's been good until today.

I went to the parts counter at Toyota of Dallas-[ toyotaofdallas.com ]. I waited at least 10 minutes for the one guy working to get off the phone (part business/part social) - which is no big deal. Then he looks at me and asks "What do you need?"- Usually I get the "can I help you" or "what can I do for you bud"- but this guy just didn't seem happy to see me and it went down hill from there. I politely showed him a printout from trdparts4u.com in which the product was $84 and he said "the price here is $109 pal, that's an internet deal your looking at"- I pulled the paper back and looked at it and he said "if your looking for internet only, it doesn't say it - so I guess I'll give it to ya for $84" - I was polite and ultimately got what I wanted for the price I wanted to pay - but this guy was a real tool.

Afterwards I went over and talked to the internet sales people/trdparts4u people and they were very nice. They apologized over and over and told me if I ever wanted anything to just call them and they would arrange it for local pick-up to avoid the grumpster at the parts counter.

Bottom line: trdparts4U.com are good people who have great prices and are very nice. Toyota of Dallas parts counter - very poor customer service and choppy attitude. I understand the arrangement now - had now idea the two units were totally seperate as it isn't stated anywhere on the website. Handled poorly and has left a bad taste in my mouth about this dealership. I've bought parts on several occasions from this establishment and it didn't become a problem until today...:crazy:

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