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Dane-Taco 12-03-2009 06:32 PM

Beware Christmas shoppers: SLR Island / Closeout Island
TW, being most of us are busy shopping for Christmas, i wanted to inform you all of the bad experience i had today with SLR island (recently changed name to closeout island) They have great deals on Cameras, TV's, Projectors, Appliances, Audio, GPSs, supposedly same day shipping... blah blah... I ordered my wife a Nikon D5000 package for $579 last Saturday, a great price, come Wednesday i still don't even have an email confirmation. Unfortunately i didn't write down the order number because i was expecting the email. I called them and they had no record of my order. (they were able to check by zip code) Thinking i must not have submitted the order properly i reordered the item, but this time noticed the package changed a little bit and the price was cheaper. ($529) Thinking this was working in my favor, i ordered it again and called them shortly after with the order number to confirm. They did have the order as well as my previous order this time. I asked to cancel the first order, but they cancelled the 2nd order. (the cheaper bigger package) I called back and asked to reorder the item for the cheaper price, they said they would cancel the other order and i would have to do it online. Yes, i ordered another package, but this time it was only $449. A buddy come over and asked what company i was dealing with and googled the name and found there are pages of bad reviews. I was unable to get an approximate on a shipping date, the customer service was horrible. I spend close to 5 hours this morning trying to cancel my last order. When they heard me say i was cancelling they would put me on hold and not pick up again. I ended up finally telling them i was trying to order a different package and they cancelled my order. Shortly after I thought it was over I had 2 charges for over $100 on my account from NCSoft, some video game company (i dont play video games... WOW, Magic) Had to cancel my card, fortunately the bank did cancelled the pending transactions. Wasted close to 6.5 hours today clearing this all up. This was the first item i ordered with this card because they didn't take discover, so it wasnt a coinsidence!! Stay away from them!

TEX357 12-11-2009 07:56 PM

WOW man. Sounds horrible!

Snipe 12-11-2009 08:19 PM

A couple years ago I was searching for a new lens for my Canon which led me to several companies located in New York, after doing searches on them I discovered that many of them offering good deals are in fact owned by the same guy.
Many of the review sites even quit doing reviews on them because they created bogus names and gave glowing reviews to skew the numbers.
Most of the complaints were all the same, they lost orders if you didn't order other high markup accessories from them, they were also known for sending out wrong items and then charging restocking fees to correct their mistake.

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