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joshua32 05-15-2010 01:05 PM

DDM Tuning
Over 2 weeks ago I ordered an HID kit and relay harness for my gf's civic. After 2 weeks of not even getting an email saying my order had shipped, I submitted a service ticket through their website and was replied to the next day via email that their system has been down due to some glitch that happened when they were upgrading their website. They say that the order would be shipped once they got their shipping containers in. They also said I would have to create a new online account because all of that information was lost.

I understand that things happen and that as the company grows that issues will arise. I decided to be patient and wait for the kit to arrive but had also decided that I would look elsewhere for hid kits.

Well I got a package in the mail today and all it contained was the relay harness. No other invoice information or even a hand written note saying the kit will ship in another box...nothing. I called but of course they are closed so I will wait to Monday and call them and see what they deal is. Hopefully they come through and get the kit shipped out.

I know the situation could be much worse and I am gratefulthat it isn't. I think the bottom line is that if you have 3-4 weeks to wait for your parts to get there, DDM Tuning is a good place to go. I doubt I will do business with them again though.

got_titan 05-15-2010 01:09 PM

im still waiting on a set of h9 for my motorcycle....i have had great luck with them but sometimes they do get behind or sell out and you have to wait...i have been waiting about 3-4 weeks now but im not in a hurry...i have bought at least 15 sets of hids from them a never had a problem with any of them.....except if they are out of stock and i had to wait.....

MJonAgs32 05-16-2010 12:07 AM

Yeah DDM is POS when it comes to customer service. I ordered a kit 3 weeks ago and haven't gotten anything yet. Thing that strikes me is that they charge your card and they don't even ship anything. I thought that companies aren't suppose to charge unless they ship.

Anyway, when I ordered a pair, I didn't get an email or anything. I did however get an email 2 weeks later saying that the kit I ordered was on backorder.

The prices are great but you have to be willing to wait.

Here's a recent thread on it with tons of people complaining about it


joshua32 05-23-2010 09:21 PM

Just got an email that the rest of my order has shipped...These guys have horrible customer service!

I don't think there is anything against these guys charging you before they ship but it definitely will not get them future business. I will honestly resort to going back to regular headlights before I order from these guys again.

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