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808Raider 09-17-2010 04:21 AM

New rims/tires/tpms setup... TPMS Light was on... Now off.?!?
So I bought new rims and tires for my truck and instead of taking apart the stock rims and tires to get the stock tpms, I just bought some new ones on eBay and installed them with the new setup. I got everything installed and after taking the stock wheels tires outta the bed of the truck and selling them, the tpms light came on as expected. I was going to take the truck into the dealer to get the new sensors reprogrammed but after driving a couple hundred miles on the new wheels/tires the light has now turned off. Not sure why since the old sensors are nowhere nearby but has anyone else had something like this happen? Weird

Simon's Mom 09-17-2010 05:33 AM

When you say nowhere nearby how far is that?
I can get a 40 mile range from my stockers w/ sensors in storage during the summer months (winter wheels & tires).
Once out of range the light blinks. Once back home overnight, the light resets itself.
It is weird for I can park at the trail head 30 miles away from my house, not get a light, park & hike all day, get back to the truck, no light.
This is my experience over the last 5 years on both my tundra and tacoma.

I do not know why you initially triggered the light though :notsure:

So..if the wheels/tires/sensors I still near you I guess its possible.

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