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MI4x4Toy 07-04-2012 01:16 PM

MB Wheels
Well I have the MB Torque wheels and they are less than a year old. Lots of corrosion showing around the lug holes(cheap anodizing I'm guessing). The big issue on topic is the poor machining. I've had horrible balancing on my set up. Tires are 245/75-16 duratracs load range C. The wheel that is currently on the back drivers side is horribly bouncy. I can watch the bed vibe up and down on the highway. Had discount replace with a new tire because they think it was a bad tire. All 4 have very slight vibes. Truck has 18k miles and tires are just around 4k. Bilstien 5100's all around.

Now that the data is laid out do you think I have anything to take to discount on these wheels? Or just the fact that I get what I paid for and now have shit wheels.

KPT 07-05-2012 05:58 AM

Are you sure it's the wheels that are causing the balancing issue. Duratracs are among the worst tires to get balanced. I've known two different people who have had their duratracs replaced under warranty due to lateral and/or radial runout.

MI4x4Toy 07-05-2012 03:33 PM

Well the guy today said my tires were among the best he has seen for duratracs. Right now we are playing with tire pressures and after that we might try different tires. Which is unfortunate because these are great off- road!

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