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Alby9999 02-27-2013 10:01 AM

305 on stock rims
Quick question, I presently have 285X75X16 KM2s on stock 7" rims. I'd like to go to a 305X70X16 DuraTrac. Like the KM2s but they wear out fast. Anyways has anyone put this wide of a tire on stock rims 12.2 inches wide. Tire rack states 8-9.5 in rims. New rims are not in the budget right now.


Alby9999 02-27-2013 01:49 PM

anyone of you brilliant people???

4Wheelin4Banger 02-27-2013 01:53 PM


Originally Posted by Alby9999 (Post 6508317)
Tire rack states 8-9.5 in rims.

That's the manufacturer that is saying that.

Large 02-27-2013 01:54 PM

KM2s wear out fast? How many miles you put on yours? I've heard different stories. Also there are plenty of tire shops that will cram 305s on your wheels but they might make you sign a waiver saying you can't sue them if you have a blow out and cause an accident.

Alby9999 02-28-2013 06:22 AM

Well I guess I should qualify that statement. I got about 30K which isn't bad but I am looking for a tire that will last around 40K to 50K. It's my everyday vehicle and I do a lot of highway. Weekends camping in the Catskills.

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