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RebelRider201 03-27-2013 01:04 AM

Ultra Motorsports Gauntlet wheels
Recently I've began checking out craigslist and I've found two different sets of wheels/tires. The first are 18x9 wheels/ nitto grapplers 305s(same tire and roughly size I have) on the black Gauntlet wheels, the second deal which I haven't personally seen are "20 rockstars once again on tg 33s I have posted my wheel and tire set up for sale so hopefully they'll go soon for 850 the guy only wants 750 for the set but I'm hoping they'll fit okay, 3" lift no wheel spacers but plenty of plastic undercarriage trimmed, minimal rub at full right lock. Point being, has anyone ran these wheels or sizes before or know who has? I would like more pictures of the wheel on our trucks if you may have any. Thanks

First pic is set for 750, second is my 285/75 on 16s

fergsonfire 04-18-2013 04:14 PM

The Gauntlets are a great wheel and one you rarely see. I ran 20's with 37's when I had my Tundra, lifted 7". I just bought a Taco on Monday and these will be going on the Taco as well.

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