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dana 05-12-2013 04:42 AM

TIRES with 3 LEveling KIT????

I have a 2012 TRD and getting a 3" leveling kit, and new rims, should I stick with my Dura tracs or should I get something bigger then 265/70/70 Dura's and have more options for rims.
With that tire size, what kind of offset can I get away with.

I have been talking to the guys at the tire shop, but I think because I am a chick, they don't want to explain anything and are just trying to tell me what to get instead of giving me options.

Any ideas would be amazing!!:):)


DevL 05-14-2013 10:33 AM

To fit bigger tires you have to trim the same amount for lifted or not. Sure a lift will clrear the tires at rest, but a compression while turning into a driveway at speed or going offroad will cause rubbing and tearing.

The biggest thing you can do to reduce rubbing is selecting a wheel that spaces the tire out enough for clearance of the UCA but is still tight enough to not interfere with the cab mount.

9" width 4.5" backspace is pretty wide, it clears the UCA easily but increases the rubbing on the cab mount

8" width and 4" backspace is going to place the tire in the exact same spot as the above wheel.

8" width 4.5" backpsace will pull the tire in by half an inch vs the above. This gets close to the UCA.

Different tires of the same listed size will be different actual sizes (height and width) and have different shoulder profile shapes, so they rub more or less. Going over 33" on a tire over 11.5" wide gets you into the needing to trim category. Remember different tires are different sizes... all 285/70R17 ntires are different widths and diameters by a small amount.

As you lift you compensate with more camber adjustment (so tires dont point in at bottom and out at top) and this reduces the caster (forward kick of the wheels). With a 3" lift you will end up with low caster and run out of adjustment at 1.X degrees caster once the camber is corrected (they share a common adjustment).

The solution to the above is aftermarket UCA which adds caster by moving the rear attachment point for your spingle to the rear. Each degree added moves the tire back about one index finger width. THis increases rubbing at the cab mount. A Light Racing UCA can add just 1 degree of caster vs 2 of the uniball variety and help clearance.

That said, if you want to run 285/70R17 expect to need to remove the mud flaps, some plastic trimming with a box cutter on the flares, a cab mount chop (plates are available for this from vendors like BAMF), and you will need to hammer the pinch weld (a body weld that is under the fender plastic and over the cab mount that needs to be folded over and hammered flat 6" high).

You will probably need to both know what needs to be done, and pay someone to do it for you. Local members may be able to help you out with trimming and cab mount chop.

Hope this helps. Most guys dont discuss this with girls because their eyes just glaze over when the answer is not simply what product to buy.

If you want to noty worry about the above, get smaller or stock sized tires.

dana 05-19-2013 07:36 PM

Awesome. I understood about 70 % of that. Its just tough cause most of my friends are guys with trucks and they are saying I can fit 285's with a 3" suspension kit,
however the guys at toyota are saying I would have to go trim and get fender flares, which I do not want to do.
Question for you then, since you clearly know what your talking about.
Would 265/70/17 Toyo AT II's look ok with a 3" Suspension lift?
Very appreciated.

Monster Coma 05-19-2013 07:38 PM

might look small will probably look fine. OZ-T runs 275/70/17 with a 3in lift with no problem.

dana 05-20-2013 03:26 PM

Well that size would just be wider not bigger (height), no?
What abour 255/75/17's. Less chance of rubbing but more lift?

Monster Coma 05-20-2013 03:27 PM

would be wider and taller. slightly at least.

255/85/17 is a tall skinny tire

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