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Special Sauce 06-30-2013 07:16 AM

265's to 285's????
I've got the stock 265's on my Tacoma, presently. I have a set of General Grabber AT2'S that are 285/75/16's. Has anyone put that size on WITHOUT lifting? I'm trying to figure out if and where it will rub, how bad, and can I do the swap without lifting?

wrat 07-06-2013 07:53 PM

I have dug through the forums quite a bit concerning going from 265/75-16 to 285/75-16. It looks like lifting a vehicle does nothing when it comes to increasing the width of the tire. Lifting helps due to the diameter of the tire. With a 285/75-16 even on a mild lift you will still need to trim/bash the pinch weld. With stock 5 star wheels your UCA's will be VERY close to the tire so wheel spacers will be necessary.

So the short answer- a lift isn't necessary but you will need to bend/bash the pinch weld and go with spacers.

I don't like the idea of going with wheel spacers and need the clearance for tire chains which is why I'm not going to 285/75-16 even though I have OME 882's and LR UCA's.

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