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eight3one_offroad 05-05-2010 11:42 PM

Looking for some KMC Enduro 16x8 info.
Hey guys,

I want some KMC Enduros in 16x8 in Matte Black for my truck, does anyone know the part number that will fit my Tacoma? Thanks for any help.

- Richard

frankybones 05-12-2010 07:23 PM


eight3one_offroad 05-13-2010 12:22 AM

Thanks a lot, Franky.

28ии3 05-13-2010 05:49 AM

in the future, use this http://wheelpros.com/
enter in your vehicle and it will bring up 'most' wheels that fit with sizes and part numbers

frankybones 05-13-2010 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by eight3one_offroad (Post 1762052)
Thanks a lot, Franky.

no problemo

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