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sagreenwood 08-04-2011 05:32 PM

Three questions
I have recently bought a 2008 X Runner because I wanted a Tacoma with a V6 engine and manual transmission. I really wanted to buy a new truck but the local Toyota dealer said that the only V6 Manual was the 4 by4 off road version. I tried one and it's way too low geared in first and second for normal road use. I saw the 08 X runner on his used car lot and drove it and this has decent gear ratios. So I said that I would like a new X Runner. The dealer said no can do and I checked on the "build your own" section on the Toyota web site and it wouldn't let me specify an X Runner for Southern California delivery. Is this correct?
I presume the "intake" on the hood is just for style purposes and doesn't let any air into the engine compartment. It certainly doesn't feed any air to the engine since this air is drawn through the off side front fender.
I read the threads about the engine revs not coming down immediately when you lift of the throttle and de-clutch... like coming to rest at stop lights. My 08 does exactly the same. Idon't believe that it is intentional by Toyota I believe it must be potentiometer in the throttle pedal assembly which is sticking. Has anyone ever taken this assemblyapart?

Coupe 08-05-2011 02:04 PM

I do not know about the availability of X-Runners in California, but in Texas you rarely find a new one on a lot. Maybe a used one.

I would prefer the -08 and older versions. This gives you the ability to add APR X-1 Engine management system. The -09 and later version you can not.

The Hood scoop is not functional.

Concerning the engine revs. My X-runner and every other X-runner I know does this. I believe this is a by product of "drive by wire".

sagreenwood 08-07-2011 03:01 PM

Thanks Coupe for the reply.
Carfax says my 08 was bought new in California. Whether Toyota discontinued selling them in Ca after 08 or you just have to insist that the dealer order one and wait a few months for it to arrive I don't know.

05 X-Runner 08-07-2011 09:26 PM

There was a 2011 BRM for 27k at the stealership in my town plus a RR 09 used that they wanted 21k

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