Last Updated: 8/21/14
Firestone Air Bag Suspension Kit made by Firestone

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"I've had the Firestone airbags on my Tacoma for about 10,000 miles and couldn't be happier. I usually set them around 20-25psi for daily driving and a bit higher when towing my quads."

Posted on 08-07-2014, 08:29 AM

"Installed some Firestone Airbags. Just under 3 hours to install. Air hose connections (by license plate lights)"

Posted on 08-06-2014, 02:10 PM

"something. But what is the purpose of adding the cradles to the air bags. I just bought a travel trailer and want to set up the suspension now before I start pulling it. I was already looking at the Firestone air bags."

Posted on 08-05-2014, 09:54 PM

"Who has added the Firestone air bag system. I think I may need it for towing a new trailer I am buying. Any good or bad comments?"

Posted on 08-05-2014, 08:25 PM

"Hey guys, I'm new to this site and found this post. Can you use the Firestone airbags with a 1- 2" lift kit?"

Posted on 08-02-2014, 12:55 PM

"I ran my valves by my gas cap. I use a digital gauge and a bicycle pump to set pressure where I want it. The load changes as often as the roads. Firestone airbags are my friend. I didn't measure though and gotta remove the gas cap when I add air."

Posted on 07-29-2014, 04:28 PM

"Firestone Airbags will get rid of that completely. I have them and it rides night and day when towing or just loaded in the bed."

Posted on 07-20-2014, 07:15 AM

"I have had my Firestone air bags for 7 months now with no leaking. Start spraying stuff with soapy water and you will get bubbles at the air leak."

Posted on 07-17-2014, 08:09 PM

"My Firestone air bags work great giving me the extra support needed to haul my Four Wheel Camper. Contrary to another post, I use a separate line for each bag so I can level the load (my Four Wheel Camper is heavier..."

Posted on 07-14-2014, 10:43 AM

"Hi! I have a 2006 Tacoma 4x4 Double Cab with the towing package. I just installed Firestone air bags this weekend. I also purchased a Eaz-lift weight distributing hitch. What I want to tow is this: 2006 Keystone Outback 23RS travel trailer, GVWR 7000lbs, u"

Posted on 07-14-2014, 05:08 AM

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