Last Updated: 3/4/15
Flowmaster Muffler Heat Shield made by Flowmaster

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"Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster mufflers :D"

Posted on 02-04-2015, 05:07 AM

"that's the whole point. The stock exhaust system aft of the catalytic converters is removed and replaced with the Flowmaster system. That's why it's called "catback". A cheaper way is to just get a Flowmaster muffler, cut off the stock muffler, and weld th"

Posted on 01-29-2015, 07:11 PM

"I wish my build was close to this, I am in high school as well. All I have been able to do are new rims and tires, flowmaster muffler, and a bakflip tonneau cover. I want a lift so bad but my parents said I would have to pay for gas, and my job doesnt pay "

Posted on 12-12-2014, 11:51 PM

"Do you have the stock muffler or the flowmaster muffler? lol"

Posted on 11-30-2014, 09:34 AM

"I ran dyno tests on Magnaflow, Flowmaster, and the stock muffler and here are the results. RED: stock muffler BLUE: Magnaflow muffler GREEN:Flowmaster muffler While they were all pretty close, the Flowmaster Series 50 Delta Flow muffler was the clear winne"

Posted on 11-24-2014, 08:19 PM

"Thanks for the replies. So would a AFE filter that would replace the stock filter help at all with the calibrator or would you need the whole intake to tell a difference? Also does my flowmaster muffler help out at all?"

Posted on 11-20-2014, 10:31 AM

"built into their mufflers cause the exhaust gasses to leave the muffler faster than they enter. This dyno chart bears that out. RED is the stock muffler BLUE is the Magnaflow muffler GREEN is the Flowmaster muffler The Flowmaster muffler flowed good enough"

Posted on 11-14-2014, 08:18 AM

"Yep, took longer than the video made it seem, but it wasn't bad. Sounds great! I posted a video: This is with the 50 Series Flowmaster muffler."

Posted on 11-13-2014, 09:37 PM

"Header has been installed. So the video below (thanks tooter!) is with the 50 Series Flowmaster muffler and LCE header. The header made the sound much "smoother", not really much louder. I like! :D"

Posted on 11-13-2014, 07:52 PM

"weekend and love it. It did sound loud at first, but even after a couple hundred miles it has toned out a little. I think sound is also something that you become accustomed to over time. I installed Flowmaster mufflers on other vehicles and thought what ha"

Posted on 10-11-2014, 04:28 PM