Last Updated: 4/17/15
T-Rex Upper Class Mesh Grille made by T-Rex

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"Been wanting to buy a mesh grille and came across this on ebay.. I can't make my mind up if I should get the black T-Rex Upper Class or the black Grillcraft? I'm a little worried how the gloss black border will look on my silver tacoma cause everything tha"

Posted on 01-05-2011, 06:42 PM

"Did some searches for pics of silver tacoma's with a t-rex upper class mesh grille in all black,but no luck anybody have this combination? Thanks for any help"

Posted on 01-04-2011, 05:11 AM

"I like the idea of changing the grill. I like the T-Rex upper class mesh grille in black. They're kinda spendy but look pretty sick IMO."

Posted on 04-30-2009, 09:03 AM