Last Updated: 4/17/14
Coverking Neoprene Seat Covers made by Coverking

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"I was thinking Coverking Neoprene Seat Covers or CalTrend NeoSupreme Seat Covers. Both water resistant and come in several color options, but I like the Okoles after taking a look. Thanks for the suggestion."

Posted on 04-14-2014, 09:07 AM

"Thanks! Planning on lift, tires, and bumpers and sliders in the future. For now i've put in some weathertech floormats, coverking neoprene seat covers, and I have an ARE Z series canopy on order. Will probably be plastidipping the badges in black also."

Posted on 12-14-2013, 03:44 PM

"CoverKing neoprene Seat Covers 2nd Gen Another nice X-Runner Umm if its your cup of tea Custom door panels 2nd Gen"

Posted on 09-04-2013, 05:22 PM

"I have CoverKing neoprene seat covers and love them. I've had them for 3 years and they still look new. They make great seat covers."

Posted on 11-16-2012, 04:06 PM

"I have a front set of Black/Grey Coverking Neoprene seat covers that I would like to sell. I dont have pics but they are virtually brand new. They are very nice and have protected the seats flawlessly. I am asking 100 buck. They were on the truck for less "

Posted on 12-01-2010, 04:41 AM

"Were you able to get coverking neoprene seat covers in Costco, or did you have to order them online?"

Posted on 10-13-2010, 02:31 AM

"I got a set of the Coverking Neoprene seat covers during the Costco sale. I went with the black with charcoal insert and I really like the look. Unfortunately, there is a rip in the passenger seat so I am looking to either get a new set or try the..."

Posted on 08-07-2010, 10:59 AM

"SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>Trading in my 09 to get a full size on friday...truck only has 6k miles and i put a new set of coverking neoprene seat covers on it a month ago...they were 315 new and only have a few farts in them..Ill take 200 OBO..they will be no good to "

Posted on 10-06-2009, 07:29 PM