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KW Coilover Shocks made by KW Suspension

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"LX Built suspension. Road race car. 2001 TRD Tacoma 4" lift 33" tires Armor Locked Front/Rear 2004 V8 4runner 2.5" lift 32's. 2006 Honda Civic Si TSX Cams I/H/E Flashpro 13.7 1/4 mile 2012 VW GLI KW Coilovers Miro 111 Wheels and my 1992 4Runner Stock And f"

Posted on 05-18-2013, 02:19 PM

"enough for you. :D Kind Regards, Ryan I definitely agree with you, but again like you mentioned, this is fully dependent on how the shocks are used. For example, my STi track car with custom valved KW coilovers don't need rebuilding for 2-3 years with my t"

Posted on 08-10-2009, 06:26 PM