Last Updated: 8/22/14
Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock made by Pop & Lock

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"Just finished the install of a pop and lock. Ran the wires up the passenger side and in under the passenger seat. I soldered them in at the connector at the kick panel. Quick disconnect right next to backup cam quick disconnect. All in all a..."

Posted on 08-22-2014, 02:30 PM

"Added my Pop N Lock."

Posted on 08-21-2014, 07:22 AM

"Have the Bakflip on my 2013 tacoma. Got a pop lock for my tail gate. Almost one year old link new! Easy to use entire bed or just access what you need!"

Posted on 08-20-2014, 07:52 PM

"control before you go anywhere or do much of anything. It's good that you're in the hospital so they can monitor things and get you back to normal. I'll put you on my prayer list. I received my Pop N Lock replacement today, so I spent sometime installing i"

Posted on 08-20-2014, 05:04 PM

"I've had mine for 2 years and some change now and I haven't had any issues. Just added some grease as maintenance to keep it nice and smooth. I do plan on getting the Pop and Lock with both the remote lock/unlock and key lock/unlock combo. I wonder if I ca"

Posted on 08-19-2014, 08:53 PM

"Tacoma. It has 11,250 miles on it and looks to be in great shape. What would be your number one first recommended mod. I plan to do the cheap mod to prevent tailgate theft, but will eventually get a pop and lock. Any other suggestions? This is my first eve"

Posted on 08-18-2014, 02:37 PM

"Looks like OP is in SET's world (Southeast Toyota), in which case they've been doing an accessory tailgate lock for a while which is more like a pop n lock."

Posted on 08-15-2014, 10:29 AM

"My Pop and Lock has worked very well. No complaints. It just keeps an honest person honest."

Posted on 08-14-2014, 06:29 PM

":(Well, I installed my Pop N Lock today, but it would only Pop, in wouldn't Lock, a broken part. So, I uninstalled and got it packed up to ship back to AutoAnything. They were real nice about it and will send me another one as soon..."

Posted on 08-13-2014, 06:23 PM

"Hey y'all. I'm new to the Tacoma world and here and not so handy but I need some help. What is the best automatic way to go with installing a tailgate lock? I've seen some of the manual Pop & Lock options but reviews on those seem to indicate the handle se"

Posted on 08-12-2014, 09:53 AM