2008 Toyota Tacoma BED RUG


2008 Toyota Tacoma BED RUG
mvega1969, Jan 1, 2008
    • The_Hodge
      that looks B-E-A-U-tiful!
    • mvega1969
      Thanks, and it works even better, on a hunting trip my son and I slept in and the camper (carpeted) plus the bed rug kept us warm all night long.

    • L_Jackson
      very nice!!! i really like that, very sharp!!
    • mvega1969
      Thanks, there are a lot of sellers on the Houston area, for me I had to drive all way from Laredo to San Antonio to get it installed along with the cap, you may take advantage of a better price with all that competition.
    • RedruM29
      looks great vega! i was wondering about the bedrug, and whether or not it covered the storage boxes in the back. Now i know!
    • mvega1969
      That was also one of my main concerns before I boughted, but now I have use it for several outdoors overnights and it is even better, highly recommended.
    • mvega1969
      gv1002, that is in fact a storage locker, it originally came with the LEER Cap as a gun locker, it was installed at the top left side of this picture, since it reduced my mobility when camping (using the bed and cap as my "hotel") I remove it from that place turn it upside down add a 8in x 1in x 6ft piece of wood at the bottom and I got my small storage locker.
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    Jan 1, 2008
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