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Engage Off Road Baja Racing Adventure

Ok everyone, ever have the dream of racing in a Baja...well here is your chance, Engage Off Road will be renting the 3rd racing seat in the Engage Off Road Class 1500 race truck for the SCORE San Felipe 250 2013, come and experiene a Baja race from a whole new perspective, come enjoy Baja for a week with the Team and Race with them, wanna give your Dad, Husband, Boyfriend or anyone their dream?, contact her on TW, email us engageoffroad@gmail.com or give us a call 909-238-6788 to get all the details....SEE YA IN BAJA!!!

Engage Off Road Baja Racing Adventure
Engage Offroad, Feb 11, 2013
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    Engage Offroad
    Feb 11, 2013
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